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10 Games That Defined the Apple Pippin

=== More Retro Mac Gaming? Read the book The Secret History of Mac Gaming! Order here: ===
10 Games That Defined the Apple-Bandai Pippin (aka Pippin Atmark):
1996 Racing Days (Bandai)
1996 Power Rangers Zeo Versus The Machine Empire (Bandai)
1996 Gadget: Invention, Travel \u0026 Adventure (Synergy)
1996 The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime (Presto Studios/Bandai)
1996 Super Marathon (=Marathon I + II) (Bungie)
1996 Terror T.R.A.X.: Track of the Vampire (Grolier/Ground Zero Productions)
1996 Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia (Grolier/Compton's New Media)
1996 Gundam Tactics: Mobility Fleet0079 (Bandai)
1996 Shock Wave: Invasion Earth: 2019 (Electronic Arts)
1996 Dragon Ball Z: AnimeDesigner (Bandai)
== You find more information about the Apple Pippin console, emulation and games at: ==

#applepippin #classicmacgames #retrogames
epicgamewarlord268 gaming : Apple gaming definitive edition
Nintendo Cartooner 2 : Atrocious.. I learned nothing!
WiWi Jcazar : How do you Found me?
pon2oon : Yikes!
phalxor : INTERACTIVE ENCYCLOPEDIA the ultimate game that defined a generation of gamers
RedRanger2001 : Fact: Games made for Pippin can also be played on a Mac computers (the ones when Pippin came out at the time)...
Kris Kurz : Graphics look similar to 3DO
Filip lahoda : Oh man. The suits thought that the idiots that play games would play anything that moves on the screen and is called a game
Oscar Balsas Romero : Atrocious framerate.
Holly christ!,what a piece or crap!!LoL
GBRL : shockwave: invasion earth 2019


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